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Tree Monkey Project

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Owl, Bird, Bat Box Installations
Owl box installation

Drone Recovery
Drone Rescue in the canopy

Canopy mounting
Mount objects such as satellite, antenna, Starlink,...

Installing sensors in Amazon with Rainforest Connection

Game Camera mounting
Arizona Gray Hawk Project

Wildlife Rescue
Arizona Gray Hawk project

Minor Arborist Maintenance


  • Texas Master Naturalist, TX Parks & Wildlife certification. Citizen Forester. 2010 Present.

  • Borneo (Indonesia/Malaysia): Instructor of Technical Tree Climbing for Tree Monkey Project; training Orangutan and Sun Bear conservation staff for rehabilitation, maintenance, rescue, and research. Mar 2016. Feb 2018.

  • First author of "Tree Climbing Methodology for Orangutan Conservation", published in peer-reviewed international scientific research journal Primate Conservation. 2019.

  • Arizona Gray Hawk Project: Tree climbing to measure and band hawks and install cameras at the nests; for scientific research of Gray Hawks and riparian ecological health. Jun-Jul 2016.

  • Peruvian Amazon: Field Engineering, Logistics, Spanish, Exploration, and Tree Climbing to install sensors and cellular repeater in the canopy to monitor and prevent illegal logging. Rainforest Connection. Nov-Dec 2016.


Banana rescue


Banana rescue

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